The Early Childhood Education program is a technical program that aims to train students to offer education and basic care to children between 0 and 12 years of age. The intention is to create and maintain an important relationship regarding the psychomotor, physical, cognitive, language, social-emotional and moral developments of the children. These educators also have a role to play in developing, organizing, directing, animating and evaluating educational activities that promote the child’s overall development.

Early childhood educators have to establish a partnership between parents and all the other partners in the child’s life. They have to ensure a safe and healthy environment and that any student intervention happens in a collaborative and consultative atmosphere. As such, early childhood educators must necessarily be team players.


Objectifs / Compétences

0190 To examine the job functions of an educator
0191 To observe children’s behaviour
0192 To identify a child’s needs with respect to his or her overall development
0193 To function safely in the work environment
0194 To establish an affective relationship with children
0195 To intervene with respect to a child’s health
0196 To promote good nutrition
0197 To communicate in the workplace
0198 To analyze a child’s family life and social life and determine the effects on his or her behaviour
0199 To analyze a child’s specific needs
019A To provide support to a child
019B To use creativity in a work context
019C To define the educational approach to be taken with children
019D To design activities promoting overall child development
019E To organize educational activities
019F To lead educational activities
019G To work as a member of a team
019H To establish a partnership relationship with parents and resource people
019J To intervene with respect to the behaviour of a child or a group of children
019K To design and review the educational program
019L To organize a childcare establishment
019M To provide educational services to a group of children

Fonctions de travail

Students who complete this program will obtain their AEC in Early Childhood Education and will be known as technicians in early childhood education. Such educators can work in day-care centers, drop-in centers, private home day-care centers and after-school programs.

Conditions d'admission et préalables

Regular Track

Fast Track

Particularités et remarques

Note: This program is also offered in French.