Using state-of-the-art technology, this training provides all the knowledge and skills required to defend computer operating systems, networks, and data against the most common cyber attacks. This course prepares students for the various professions in the field of cyber security.

Nowadays, companies use the Internet more in their daily management and therefore become vulnerable to attacks, creating a growing need for professionals specialized in the field of cybersecurity. At the college, you will explore modules that will prepare you to meet the challenges of security. You will study not only the critical issues raised using the Internet and data protection as a whole, but also the ethical frameworks that will help make you a unique professional.

Objectifs / Compétences

What will you learn? You will learn all about:


Fonctions de travail

The job function targeted by the program is that of computer security technician.  This is a new occupation.  It relies on the knowledge and use of cyber hacking techniques to enhance the security of computers, computer applications and networks.

 The program aims to develop all the skills inherent in network security in order to cover all the risks posed by cyber piracy and increase the security of applications developed by a team of programmers.

Ethical cyberpiracy is a field that is being structured internationally.

Potential jobs include:

Conditions d'admission et préalables

A person is eligible for a program of study leading to an attestation of collegial studies if he or she has training deemed sufficient by the college and meets one of the following conditions:

  1. he or she has interrupted his or her studies for at least 2 consecutive sessions or 1 school year.
  2. is covered by an agreement between the college and an employer or benefits from a government program.
  3. has continued post-secondary studies for a period of at least one year.
  4. holds a diploma of vocational studies.