Social Service

Code 388.A0
SecteurServices sociaux, éducatifs et juridiques (20)
Code CUISEP634-000.CP
Nombre d'unités91 1/3
StatutProgram approved in 2000.
Organismes scolaires offrant le programme
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Techniques de travail social

Objectifs du programme

This program is designed to train students to be technicians in social work. They will be capable of intervening on an individual, family, group, or community level concerning different social problems and will be able to help people attain their needs, defend their rights and promote social change.

Durée de la formation

Spécifique (heures)Totale (heures)

La durée totale inclut des cours de formation générale commune à tous les programmes pour 420 heures, des cours de formation générale propre à ce programme pour 150 heures ainsi que des cours de formation générale complémentaire pour 90 heures.

Les durées correspondent à la formation théorique et au travail de laboratoire des cours; elles excluent donc les heures de travail personnel de l'étudiante ou de l'étudiant.

Conditions d'admission

To be admitted to the program, a person must meet the general requirements for admission set out in the College Education Regulations, as well as the following special conditions, where applicable:

• no requirements

Professions visées (IMT En ligne d'Emploi Québec)

Social and community service workers (4212)

Appellation(s) d'emploi

technicien/technicienne en travail social

Relation avec le marché du travail

Insertion au marché du travail   (Information provenant du MEES)
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Contenu du programme

Numéro ou code Énoncé de la compétence
0188 To examine the job functions of a social service worker
0189 To investigate public and community social service resources
018A To form a helping relationship
018B To analyze links between social problems, social policies and social interventions
018C To analyze social legislation
018D To assess the needs and resources of an individual
018E To evaluate the ethical dimensions of intervention
018F To carry out an interview
018G To facilitate a group
018H To engage in social research
018J To carry out group-work interventions
018K To assess the needs and resources of a family
018L To assess the needs and resources of social groups
018M To make referrals
018N To defend individual and collective rights
018P To carry out psychosocial interventions with individuals or families
018Q To function within a team
018R To carry out community interventions
018S To develop a service plan or action plan
018T To participate in the development and coordination of services and resources
018U To protect their personal well-being
018V To carry out interventions in a socio-judicial context
018W To carry out interventions with people in crisis
018X To carry out interventions using a generalist approach
Number of hours alloted to specific training: 2010 hours