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Hotel Management

Code 430.A0
SectorFood Services and Tourism (03)
CUISEP code123-000.CP
Number of credits91 2/3
StatusProgram approved in 2005.
Educational organizations offering the program
This program is offered in French: 
Techniques de gestion hôtelière

Program objectives

The aim of the Hotel Management program is to train middle-level employees to supervise a hotel department, be it guest services, front desk and reservations; sales and marketing; housekeeping and maintenance; administration and management; food and beverage services; support or information. After a few years’ experience, some supervisors may progress to more specialized positions such as assistant housekeeping manager or maître d’hôtel. Accommodation service supervisors manage accommodation operations as well as related products and services in hotel establishments of varying types and sizes, offering different types of services in urban or outlying areas.

Length of training

Total length of training includes general training that is common to all programs for 420 hours, general training for this program for 150 hours as well as complementary general training courses for 90 hours.

Duration of training consists of theory and lab work for courses; personal time that the student invests is excluded.

Admission conditions

To be admitted to the program, a person must meet the general requirements for admission set out in the College Education Regulations, as well as the following special conditions, where applicable:

• no requirements

Targeted professions (Link to Emploi Québec's IMT En ligne)

Accommodation service managers (0632)
Accommodation, travel, tourism and related services supervisors (6313)
Executive housekeepers (6312)
Hotel front desk clerks (6525)
Maîtres d'hôtel and hosts/hostesses (6511)

Job titles

front desk hotel manager
accommodation services manager
hotel manager
housekeeping manager
executive housekeeper
maître d'hôtel
hotel receptionist

Labour market relation

In the work force   (Information from the MEES)

Program content

Number or code Statement of the competency
047D To analyze the job function
047E To communicate in the workplace
047F To carry out work-related activities in a second language (French)
047G To process information related to hotel management
047H To adopt a customer-oriented approach
047J To see to the application of rules and regulations specific to the hotel industry
047K To implement management techniques specific to the hotel industry
047L To suggest food and beverage products and services to customers
047M To ensure food and beverage service
047N To sell products and services
047P To carry out activities related to personnel management
047Q To carry out accounting operations
047R To carry out activities related to material resources management
047S To control the quality of hotel products and services
047T To manage activities related to reservations, front-desk and guest services
047U To manage housekeeping activities
047V To manage a hotel’s food and beverage services
047W To manage a hotel’s marketing activities
047X To coordinate hotel and restaurant group activities
047Y To act as an interface between departments
Number of contact hours allotted to specific training: 2190