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Services offered to subscribers

Subscription to Inforoute FPT are reserved for organizations (educational institutions, companies, or the Ministry) and allow personnel to benefit from privileged access to certain information on our site, as well as enjoy a range of special services. The main representative of the organization receives a password and is responsible for the management and creation of users within their environment. Consult the list of organisations already enjoying our special services.

Subscription form

An organization can subscribe by filling out the subscription form by Internet or by contacting the Inforoute FPT by e-mail or by phone at (514) 864-2200 to obtain a subscription form.

Examples of privileges offered to Inforoute FPT subscription:
  • display of the logos or photos of the institution and training centres ;
  • links for the Internet user directly to the organization's website from the Inforoute FPT website;
  • add or delete programs in the list of programs offered by a training centre;
  • listing of the institution's specialties in the list of courses offered by the institution;
  • colleges can display their ACS programs;
  • colleges can display a text providing further information on their DCS and ACS programs;
  • colleges can display their "customized" courses on our site;
  • remotely modify e-mail addresses appearing on pages that list the institution's coordinates;
  • manage directly the access code for their establishment for the Intranet section of "Services to businesses and industries";
  • display places available for a program/course;
  • secondary level establishments can receive and manage applications made via the Internet by using ADMISSIONFP;
  • and much more...

Take advantage of the Inforoute FPT site to increase your visibility and promote your programs/courses.