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Community Recreation Leadership Training

Code 391.A0
SectorSocial, Educational and Legal Services (20)
CUISEP code583-000.CP
Number of credits84 2/3
StatusProgram approved in 2000.
Educational organizations offering the program
This program is offered in French: 
Techniques de gestion et d'intervention en loisir

Program objectives

This program is designed to train people to be capable in dealing with the general population, or with specific groups in the area of recreation. They are responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating, animating and evaluating various activities of a socio-recreational nature.

Length of training

Total length of training includes general training that is common to all programs for 420 hours, general training for this program for 150 hours as well as complementary general training courses for 90 hours.

Duration of training consists of theory and lab work for courses; personal time that the student invests is excluded.

Admission conditions

To be admitted to the program, a person must meet the general requirements for admission set out in the College Education Regulations, as well as the following special conditions, where applicable:

• no requirements

Targeted professions (Link to Emploi Québec's IMT En ligne)

Program leaders and instructors in recreation, sport and fitness (5254)
Recreation, sports and fitness program and service directors (0513)

Job titles

recreation leader
leisure director
recreation technician

Labour market relation

In the work force   (Information from the MEES)

Program content

Number or code Statement of the competency
01AD To analyse the occupation
01AE To analyse the characteristics of clients and their recreational needs
01AF To recognize significant indicators for recreation leadership
01AG To manage health and safety risks
01AH To organize recreational activities
01AJ To use creativity in a work context
01AK To interact in the workplace
01AL To lead recreational activities
01AM To lead a work team meeting
01AN To create and adapt work management tools
01AP To manage material resources
01AQ To manage a recreational activities budget
01AR To supervise human resources
01AS To analyse recreation trends in specific contexts
01AT To develop recreational activities
01AU To establish programming for recreational services
01AV To promote recreational services
01AW To recruit humain resources
01AX To carry out a fundraising activity
01AY To supervise a recreational activities project
01AZ To lead recreational activities for clients
Number of hours alloted to specific training: 1935 hours