Secondary-Level Organizations

The Québec education system has four levels: preschool, elementary and secondary school, college, and university. Vocational training is part of the secondary school education system.

School Service Centres : A school service centre is a legal person established in the public interest managed by a board of directors, whose mission is to support and accompany the public schools in a given geographical area by providing administrative services to promote the education of its population. The public education system is currently made up of 60 French-language school service centres, 1 special-status school service centre (Centre de services scolaire du Littoral), 9 English-language school boards and 2 special-status school boards (Cree School Board and Kativik Ilisarniliriniq), dedicated to serving more than 2 700 educational institutions. Since October 15, 2020, the school service centres in the French-language school system have been governed by a board of directors composed of parents, members of the community and staff members.

Vocational Training Centres : Vocational training centers are institutions that offer training at the secondary level, structured to promote concrete learning that prepares students for a trade.

Private Establishments : In Québec, there is a public sector and a private sector for preschool education, elementary education, and general and vocational education at the secondary level. The private sector has about twenty establishments that offer vocational training.

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