Other Websites Dedicated to Vocational and Technical Training

  • Promoting Skilled Trades
  • Défi des recrues
    An interactive activity that aims to raise awareness of the skilled trades and get students, especially cycle one secondary school students, interested in the vocational training programs offered in their region. Using the format of a friendly competition between high schools, young students can discover and explore several trades.
  • Les Olympiades québécoises des métiers et des technologies
    The provincial skills competition, known as the 'Olympiades québécoises des métiers et des technologies', is the largest public event dedicated to promoting the future generation of skilled tradespeople. These competitions showcase thousands of young students, in all regions of Québec, who have chosen to specialize in a vocational or technical training program. This biennial event allows the best competitors to move forward and represent Québec at the Skills Canada National Competition.
  • Skills Canada National Competition
    Organized by Skills/Compétences Canada, Nationals are held annually and allow young people from participating provinces and territories to put their skills to the test. The best among them go head-to-head at a qualifier event in the hopes of earning a spot on Team Canada to represent their country at WorldSkills, an event that brings together young people from over 80 countries.
  • Hats Off to You!
    The Hats Off to You! contest and its Excellence in Science segment showcase the determination and work of women enrolled in a vocational training or technical training program, or a bachelor’s program in science or technology that leads to a career in a traditionally male-dominated occupation.
  • Vocational Training
  • Fédération des centres de services scolaires du Québec :
  • The Provincial Organization of Continuing Education Directors, English (PROCEDE) :
  • Admission
  • Service régional d’admission du Montréal Métropolitain (SRAM) :
  • Service régional d’admission au collégial de Québec (SRACQ) :
  • Service régional d’admission des cégeps du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean (SRASL) :
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