Animal Health Technology

Code 145.A0
SecteurAgriculture et pêches (02)
Code CUISEP351-100.CP
Nombre d'unités91 2/3
StatutProgram approved in 1998.
Organismes scolaires offrant le programme
Ce programme est offert en langue française : 
Techniques de santé animale

Objectifs du programme

This program is designed to train students to be animal health technicians, mainly in clinical sectors and in research. The work of a technician consists of assisting a veterinarian or research worker in animal experimentation in their work. In both cases, the technician would be called upon to perform tests on the animals, to care for them and to set up the appropriate systems for the carrying out of technical aspects in animal health services.

Durée de la formation

Spécifique (heures)Totale (heures)

La durée totale inclut des cours de formation générale commune à tous les programmes pour 420 heures, des cours de formation générale propre à ce programme pour 150 heures ainsi que des cours de formation générale complémentaire pour 90 heures.

Les durées correspondent à la formation théorique et au travail de laboratoire des cours; elles excluent donc les heures de travail personnel de l'étudiante ou de l'étudiant.

Conditions d'admission

To be admitted to the program, a person must meet the general requirements for admission set out in the College Education Regulations, as well as the following special conditions, where applicable:

Must have passed the following secondary-level course(s):

• Sec. IV EST or SE – Secondary IV Environmental Science and Technology (558404) or Science and the Environment (558402)
• Sec. IV CST – Secondary IV Mathematics: Cultural, Social and Technical Option (563414)

Professions visées (IMT En ligne d'Emploi Québec)

Animal health technologists and veterinary technicians (3213)
Pet groomers and animal care workers (6563)

Appellation(s) d'emploi

préposé/préposée aux soins des animaux (sauf animaux de ferme)
technicien/technicienne en santé animale

Relation avec le marché du travail

Insertion au marché du travail   (Information provenant du MEES)

Contenu du programme

Numéro ou code Énoncé de la compétence
00QJ To analyze the profession
00QK To manage equipment and materials
00QL To admit animals for treatment
00QM To ensure the proper operation of an animal facility
00QN To administer nursing care
00QP To administer nursing care to animals reproduced for consumption
00QQ To perform clinical biochemistry and immunological tests
00QR To perform cytological and histoligical tests and necropsies
00QS To perform haematological tests
00QT To perform microbiological and parasitology tests
00QU To breed animals
00QV To maintain cell and microbial cultures
00QW To assist in radiology
00QX To assist in surgery
00QY To perform dental prophylaxis
00QZ To participate in experimental surgeries
00R0 To perform physiological investigations
00R1 To provide client services
00R2 To participate in an animal experiment
00R3 To use techniques in animal restraint
00R4 To use chemical and biochemical laboratory techniques
00R5 To associate genetic and cellular factors with the growth and reproduction of animals
00R6 To prevent the propagation of microorganisms and parasites
00R7 To establish a link between the anatomy and physiology of animals and their biological functions
00R8 To manage nutrituinal care
00R9 To establish methods for recognizing and modifying animal behaviour
00RA To recognize pathological signs
00RB To analyze the effects of medication on an animal
Number of hours alloted to specific training: 2070 hours