Office System Technology (Office Work Coordination)

Code 412.A0
SecteurAdministration, commerce et informatique (01)
Code CUISEP112-100.CP
Nombre d'unités91 2/3
StatutProgram approved in 1999.
Organismes scolaires offrant le programme
Ce programme est offert en langue française : 
Techniques de bureautique (Coordination du travail de bureau)

Objectifs du programme

Specialization: Office Work Coodination

This program is designed to develop theoretical and practical skills in management, in interpersonal relationships, and in the use of software and new areas in computer technology. It prepares students to be able to plan, organize, supervise and evaluate work in the office unit, in the recruitment and in the training of office staff. It teaches writing skills, text translation and revision, how to carry out procedures, the management of material resources and finances in an office unit, to manage a database, to manage documents and to organize seminars, conferences, congresses and other types of events. It develops their leadership skills and their sense of responsibility.

Durée de la formation

Option Spécifique (heures) Totale (heures)
Specialization A - Office Work Coordination 1725 2385

La durée totale inclut des cours de formation générale commune à tous les programmes pour 420 heures, des cours de formation générale propre à ce programme pour 150 heures ainsi que des cours de formation générale complémentaire pour 90 heures.

Les durées correspondent à la formation théorique et au travail de laboratoire des cours; elles excluent donc les heures de travail personnel de l'étudiante ou de l'étudiant.

Conditions d'admission

To be admitted to the program, a person must meet the general requirements for admission set out in the College Education Regulations, as well as the following special conditions, where applicable:

• no requirements

Professions visées (IMT En ligne d'Emploi Québec)

Administrative officers (1221)
Executive assistants (1222)
Supervisors, general office and administrative support workers (1211)

Contenu du programme

Numéro ou code Énoncé de la compétence
00UW To perform word processing operations
00UX To process and present data
00UY To communicate using spoken English
00UZ To produce English texts and perform English linguistic revision
00V0 To produce French tests and perform French linguistic revision
00V1 To communicate using spoken French
00V2 To translate texts
00V3 To use tools and services relating to office work
00V4 To provide technical support
00V5 To interact in various work situations
00V6 To successfully enter the labour market and build a career
Specialization A: Office Work Coordination
Numéro ou code Énoncé de la compétence
00V7 To analyze the profession
00V8 To ensure the process of financial information and the management of the office unit budgets
00V9 To create and operate a database
00VA To produce documents
00VB To automate operations
00VC To solve problems
00VD To adapt working approaches to the particular features of the work environment
00VE To design and adapt a records management system
00VF To design and adapt office working procedures
00VG To participate in the staff recruitment process for the office unit
00VH To organize and supervise work within the office unit
00VJ To ensure the management of material resources within the office unit
00VK To assess the performance of the staff in the office unit
00VL To ensure the training of the office unit staff
00VM To organize professional activities
Number of hours alloted to specific training: 1725 hours