Collège Milestone (Niveau collégial)


NomCollège Milestone (Niveau collégial)
RégionMontérégie (16)
Adresse 6400, av. Auteuil, bureau 200
Brossard (Québec)
J4Z 3P5
Téléphone514 933-6688
Courriel[email protected]
Site Internet
Programmes et formations

Informations spécifiques

We welcome you to Collège Milestone! By joining our school, you are joining an environment where knowledge is communicated by teachers who are passionate, helpful, and committed to education. Beyond the teachers, there is a team of professionals ready to help each and every student reach their full potential while attending Collège Milestone. In the era of new technologies and digital technology, Collège Milestone aims to be an environment where students have access to innovative training programs. Choosing our college means choosing a college with values that promote academic excellence among our students, while giving them the opportunity to enrich themselves and to continue to thrive after graduating. We invite you to browse our website to discover all the opportunities we offer, such as, technical collegial programs (Attestation of Collegial Studies - ACS), professional training programs (Diploma of Vocational Studies - DVS) and our continuing education classes. We look forward to welcoming you into our big family!

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