Program Objectives

Specialists in this trade work in the metallurgy sector, and perform various tasks such as preparing, assembling and welding various components and accessories. More specifically, they drill and prepare parts, assemble them, use the GTAW and RSW processes to weld them, straighten them and control buckling, polish them and apply surface treatments, and control the quality of manufactured products.

Stainless steel welders work in a variety of sectors of activity such as the food processing industry, hotel and restaurant services, laboratory equipment manufacturing, the hospital sector and architecture.


Stainless steel welder (GTAW and RSW)

Program Content

Code Statement of Competency Hours Credits
STC-101 The Trade and the Training Process 15 1
STC-102 Occupational Health and Safety 30 2
STC-103 Metallurgical Concepts as They Apply to Stainless Steel Welding 15 1
STC-104 Assembly Drawings and Specifications 135 9
STC-105 The GTAW and RSW Processes 75 5
STC-106 Communication in the Workplace 15 1
STC-107 Parts Preparation and Assembly 135 9
STC-108 Metal Surface Finishing 30 2
STC-109 Welding Stainless Steel Sheets With and Without Gas Shielding 75 5
STC-110 Welding Stainless Steel Structures With and Without Gas Shielding 60 4
STC-111 Welding and Finishing Stainless Steel Parts 60 4
STC-112 Entering the Work Force 75 5
720 48

Admission Conditions and Prerequisites

To be eligible for admission to the Stainless Steel Welding: GTAW and RSW program, candidates must meet the following requirements:
- Have earned Secondary III credits or the equivalent in language of instruction, second language and mathematics
Hold an Attestation of Equivalence (AENS) for Secondary III studies
Have successfully completed the General Development Test (GDT) without specific requirements
- Be at least 18 years of age
Meet the eligibility requirements for Emploi-Québec’s Manpower Training Measure

Specific Prerequisites

Language of instructionSecond languageMathematics
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