Objectifs du programme

The program of study, Secretarial Studies Legal, is designed to train students to exercise the profession of legal secretary.

Legal secretaries assist legal professionals, particularly with customer service, relationships with stakeholders, deadlines, managing schedules, transcription, drafting, layout, and revision of pleadings, notarial deeds, government forms, and other legal documents. They perform administrative and general secretarial tasks in a legal environment.

These individuals work in various legal environments, be it public, para-public, and private, including government ministries, courthouses, legal departments, litigation departments, law firms, notary offices, and bailiff offices.

Contenu du programme

Code Énoncé de la compétence Heures Unités
944-232 Carry out activities relating to the preparation of civil pleadings 30 2
948-201 Determine their suitability for the occupation and the training process 15 1
948-212 Use legal terms and technical vocabulary 30 2
948-222 Produce business law forms and documents 30 2
948-244 Prepare contentious pleadings 60 4
948-252 Prepare applications in the course of proceeding, requests for setting down and applications for execution 30 2
948-261 Interact in a legal context 15 1
948-275 Produce notarial practice files 75 5
948-282 Prepare civil pleadings in contentious family matters 30 2
948-292 Prepare non-contentious applications 30 2
948-307 Enter the workforce 105 7
450 30

Conditions d'admission et préalables

Persons who hold a DVS:
5857 Secretarial Studies
OR 5712 Secretarial Studies
OR 5755 Secretarial Studies (Inuktitut)
OR 5677 Secretarial Studies
OR 5637 Secretarial Studies
OR 5578 Secretarial Studies (Kativik)
OR 1913 Secretarial Studies
OR 1835 Office Specialist
OR 5357 Secrétariat
OR 5212 Secrétariat
OR 5255 Secrétariat (Inuktitut)
OR 5177 Secrétariat (Inuktitut)
OR 5137 Secrétariat
OR 5078 Secrétariat (Kativik)
OR 1413 Secrétariat
OR 1335 Travail de bureau (agent, agente de bureau)
Have been granted recognition of equivalent learning.
Persons practising an occupation related to the program of study.

Préalables fonctionnels

Please note that the functional prerequisites do not apply to attestation of vocational specialty programs (AVS).

Préalables spécifiques

Langue d'enseignementLangue secondeMathématique
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Organismes scolaires offrant le programme

Horaire :


Places disponibles
Admission sur liste d'attente
Cours complet
Collège Supérieur de Sherbrooke
Centre de formation professionnelle Groupe État J/S Date de début
Collège Supérieur de Sherbrooke 523086 J 11 sept. 2023


Places disponibles
Admission sur liste d'attente
Cours complet
English-Montréal SB
Centre de formation professionnelle Groupe État J/S Date de début
St. Pius X Career Centre / Centre de carrières St. Pius X K3123 J 7 nov. 2023

Formation(s) connexe(s)

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Salaire moyen

Secrétaire juridique — 22,90 $

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Professions visées

Legal administrative assistants (1242)

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